Four Ways to Reduce Waste and Increase Efficiency


Marketers are always looking for creative ways to get the most out of their digital marketing investments. While there may be different paths to optimization, reducing media spend and cutting costs without sacrificing ROI is ideal. Tapad empowers marketers to take back control of their budgets and reinvent their media strategies by leveraging the right data at the right time. And, given today’s challenging climate, there’s no better time.

Every Business Has Different Deeds
Whether you’re a direct-to-consumer brand building a loyal customer base or a financial service simply letting customers know you’re here for them during a challenging time-- identity resolution is essential to connecting with your audience without breaking the bank. That’s why Tapad has built solutions that provide flexibility and control when you need it most.

Putting Data Into Action
Tapad’s global, privacy-safe cross device graph is one powerful file. Updated weekly, and containing customized device IDs and digital attributes, The Tapad Graph enables smarter targeting strategies and a reduction of wasted impressions. What that means is more marketing efficiency and a stronger ROI for your business.

Saving resources and money sound good to you? This guide breaks down four ways you can implement cost savings measures without sacrificing performance or prohibiting KPIs.

Frequency Capping and Suppression
Clustering device IDs by the individual and household means you have access to more ways to reach consumers, but it doesn’t always mean you should be using all of them across every campaign.

Hone in on the channels and devices where consumers make most of their lower funnel decisions and purchases - and cap brand-awareness level placements or aspirational media that requires more exposure to generate engagement. This doesn’t mean limiting the devices you target, but being more aware of how often you’re targeting the same person across those devices.

If you’ve successfully begun, or heck, even completed the consumer journey with an individual, congratulations. Now, you may want to consider what to do with the rest of the digital devices and users in that same household. Sure, there’s a time for conquesting an entire home of purchasers, but that’s not always the most effective way to maximize your media.

That’s why The Tapad Graph is built to be flexible, providing a holistic view of all individuals and their associated devices and digital IDs - so you can suppress them once you’ve conquested the household decision maker or achieved the desired lower funnel activity. Save those impressions for someone else and save money for yourself.

The great thing is whether you’re uploading this data into a DMP or a DSP, you can segment your target audience with a frequency cap threshold or suppress them entirely. Not only can you apply these tactics across traditional digital media, but Tapad can include Connected TVs for OTT targeting as well, making your media strategy as holistic as your identity resolution tactics.

Cross-Device Targeting and Attribution
Consumer behavior and device trends are changing these days, so shouldn’t your digital marketing change too?

Desktop usage is now up as much as 22%* as more people are working and learning from home. And remember that old iPad? With more people at home, we’re dusting off more devices and tablet activity is increasing more than 30%*. Sure, people are still constantly on mobile-- but it might be time to consider implementing cross-device targeting and optimization for those dayparts when their focus is elsewhere.

Identity resolution should be a key element of customer journey mapping and attribution in order to truly give credit to the right channels and build a baseline for the right cost-per modelling.

Coupling The Tapad Graph with raw events data can granularly attribute engagement, actions and conversions at the digital ID, device, and even user-level - thereby teaching you more about your customer’s preferences. Leverage these insights to create more tailored messaging and promotions on your owned and operated channels, to funnel impressions to specific screens and platforms, and to target users based on where they are in the purchase funnel.

Data That Gives You Control
If you’re already implementing cross-device, have you started suppressing the devices where engagement with your brand isn’t happening? That’s right, you can use The Tapad Graph after-the-fact as well. Weekly graph updates with 60-day look-backs enable weekly campaign optimizations. That gives you the flexibility and control to avoid devices and platforms where users aren’t as active.

You can only make decisions based on the data you have in front of you, so make sure you're partnering with the right solutions for your business.

Does identity resolution sound like something you need? Come find us at to learn more.

Check out our data visualization to see the power of identity resolution for yourself: 

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