In today's digital world, privacy has never been more important.

People have different devices, but the marketing must go on. Tapad's Device Graph is an identity management solution for recognizing consumers across all the devices they use.

Device Graph Access (DGA) is a product we’ve developed to let you ingest The Device Graph™ and use cross-device data within your existing systems. DGA identifies relationships between consumers’ devices in your platforms, and finds new devices that belong to your consumers.

This identity graph leverages Tapad's database that contains known identifiers of your audience' devices so you can accurately market to them on their desktop, mobile device, tablet or anything else.


What You'll learn from the Tapad Device Graph Access whitepaper:

  • The methodology behind the Device Graph™ model
  • Key data considerations for accuracy of the Device Graph™
  • How the Device Graph™ differs from other cross-device solutions
  • How Tapad addresses privacy concerns

Did you know that the average consumer:

  • Owns 4 connected devices
  • Uses 3 devices to achieve one objective
  • Spends 60 hours per week consuming content across devices
  • Moves between screens 27 times per hour

This creates big challenges for advertisers and agencies:

  • Lack of accurate, actionable data
  • Siloed reach resulting in inefficient media spends & often to the wrong device
  • Limited or incomplete attribution

Tapad cross-device attribution solves these challenges by:

  • Unifying a person's digital life across devices, creating a holistic understanding of interests, behaviors, ad exposure and actions
  • Reaching desired consumers with pinpoint accuracy, maximizing efficiency of media spends and gaining total ad-delivery control
  • Providing accurate measurement to help you strategically refine campaigns

Our Partners


What our customers are saying:


Our anonymized user data is fractured — we can see the conversions happening and what device they happen on, but there are a lot of journeys that don’t seem to convert and make it appear like we’re wasting our marketing budget when we know that’s not the case. Our team implemented an extremely rigorous vetting of the leading cross-screen technology vendors.

We knew that by taking this outside of just our own logged-in user data, we would probably have to make a compromise on accuracy if we wanted scale, or compromise scale if we wanted accuracy, especially considering how much we think about privacy.

We were surprised to find a complete package, but the Tapad Device Graph™ won out on scale, accuracy and privacy; making our choice of partners very clear."

Helene Cameron-Helso

Senior Manager of Ecommerce Analytics at

Ready to reach your consumers across any device they use, without sacrificing privacy?