Everyone's Gone Remote 🏑 (UK)

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All Signs Point to Increased Connectivity

During March and April, the lock-down policy throughout the United Kingdom had a dramatic impact on time spent across internet-connected devices in the home. Tapad’s billions of real-time signals fuel the data we use to build our graph, allowing us to aggregate and share user trends as they develop so you can better understand the changing habits of your audience.
*Analysis is based on internal event level data from 3/2-3/5, 3/16-3/18, and 3/23-3/25.

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Smartphone is Still Your Sidekick
The shift to at-home life saw a slight increase to day and night mobile use, with users continuing to engage with their phones β€” up 8% during 6am-2pm and 5% during 10pm-6am.

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Tablets Over Textbooks
Tablets saw a huge spike in daytime activity, up 26% from 6am-2pm - likely due to homeschool activities.

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Desktop Still Rocks
Perhaps due to both work from home and online learning, desktop use saw a healthy increase of 22% from 6am-2pm, with the rest of the day still seeing a 7% increase in activity.

More Activity, More Opportunity.

Users are logging onto more devices and browsing more content at home than ever before. From desktop to newer streaming platforms, it pays to know where your consumers are engaging online.

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