[Case Study] International Travel Client retains user profiles with The Tapad Graph



To maximize their marketing strategy, an International Travel Client sought to leverage The Tapad Graph to build targetable user profiles across devices for a long-tail approach to the travel booking season. They aimed to reduce dependency on a single type of identifier, while also increasing opportunities to reach consumers throughout several months of the year. They captured engagement data with users for the first quarter of 2020 to later use in an omni-channel approach during peak booking season through personalised messaging.


Their media agency, OMD, facilitated the use of the Relay42 platform to collect first-party data and coupled that with The Tapad Graph to unify and extend their view of users within their audience buckets from predominantly cookies to Mobile Ad IDs. These Mobile Ad IDs were then matched across channels throughout the long-tail campaign flight. Despite the delays COVID-19 created in relaunching this campaign, these robust user segments were able to maintain and retain scale for such a long period of time due to their diversity in identifiers and devices.


This cross-device extension strategy yielded an 85% retention rate of user profiles from Q1 to Q3, when the campaign was ready to resume again. OMD estimated they would have lost at least 90% of these user profiles from their first touchpoint with users if they had not deployed a cross-device ID management solution at the onset of the campaign.

retention rate

Not only was OMD able to retain user profiles for future re-messaging; they were able to protect a multi-million dollar investment for their client with The Tapad Graph through Relay42.

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