[Watch] ADTECH:24: A View Post Cookie panel

So much has been said and written about the demise of the third-party cookie over the last 12 months that it’s time to move to conversation forward.

Ajit Thupil, Tapad's Chief Product Officer, recently joined a discussion with some of the companies at the very forefront of the identity conversation, along with experienced heads from the world of digital marketing at Flashtalking's ADTECH:24 global webinar event (May 13-14, 2020).

Check out the video to hear first-hand the decisions and thought processes that brands and agencies will need to go through to find the solution that works for them.

  • Dom Satur, VP Business Development - Europe, Flashtalking

  • Katie Eyton, Head of Data & Technology Strategy, Annalect

  • Richard Lloyd, Chief Data Officer, GroupM

  • Vihan Sharma, Managing Director - Europe, LiveRamp

  • Ajit Thupil, Chief Product Officer, Tapad

  • Richard Foster, CRO, InfoSum

  • Robert Webster, Founder, Canton Marketing Solutions

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